Two-color screen print. Released on the same day as the presidential State of the Union address, 2012. "I can remember in my years as a student that art and politics make uneasy bedfellows. So it is only after thoughtful consideration that I present my latest print: 'State of the Union". I realize images will speak for themselves and will often find juxtaposition in a variety of contexts. In spite of that, and also because of it, I should briefly like to assert that for me this image corresponds with a felt sense of disproportion, of the distribution of wealth especially, of grievances against biased systems, and a yearning for balance. I don't think this image aligns itself necessarily to the Right or to the Left. I am also open to interpretations beyond the scope of current political affairs... perhaps even humorous ones... in any case, I hope this image will stimulate the mind on more than one level." ~ Rafa Jenn